Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiny Teachers

From a blog I just recently stumbled upon, and boy, oh boy, am I glad I did. I found this entry and my reading it may or may not have ended with a tear or two rolling down my cheek, because YES. Yes to everything she says here, it is exactly what I think every mother feels but cannot sometimes find the words to say.

Posted by A Holy Experience www.aholyexperience.com

Dear Babies that I have bore:

You teach your Mama and she be slow.

Every day we throw back the quilts and we do life together all day in these four walls and you six children teach this one hard heart what it means to love.

Thank you.

For learning your Mama --- what it means to show grace, to step over negativity, to bite the tongue, to hold and soothe the sadness, to work on when tired, to pray more fervently, to wipe up the ugliness with love, to cover up the sinnning mad with the embrace tender, to learn to do love the only way love is real: unconditionally.

It isn't always pretty. Every single day, many times a day, I fail.

But Love doesn't. Every way of living, every paradigm, every philosophy, every thing, that attempts to function apart from the righted love will unequivocally fail.

There is only one sustainable, enduring force to be found in the whole of the cosmos and it is sacrifical love.

Today again you children will teach me the language of the Kingdom that will never pass away, and today again I'll learn love, the reality that will never pass away and together we will work on rightly ordering love and I don't know if I ever really would have known it in the skin and the bone, the awe of the sacrifical love, without the love of each of you.

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stephanie Nichols said...

I love Ann Voskamp. She is so poetic and such a great writer.