Monday, August 2, 2010

Duuuuuuuuun. Done.

I had every intention of typing out a lovely blog post for today, but then Charlie moved from "slightly snotty nose" land firmly into "full-blown sick with cough and fever" territory. And the kids are fighting. And I'm still recovering from an exhaustingly fast-paced road trip this weekend that involved about four hours of sleep. And I have cleaned up dog puke twice before noon. And I am about ready to sign my house payment over to The Laundry, because it clearly owns this home. And I just finished cleaning poop out of an air duct in the playroom. Don't ask. This day? Is awesome so far. I think I'm done with it. Can I even really say that with a straight face at 12:00? Maybe I'll just write a haiku about it.

Bedtime feels light years
away right now.
Bourbon helps.

I think I've officially lost my mind.

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