Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Things.

We have officially reached the weeks of the year that, in my opinion, should be marked through on the calendar with a big red X: January and February. They serve no purpose other than to make you slowly lose your mind from the sheer proximity of your children. There is no shooing the kids outside to play for an hour. There are no long mornings at the park that simultaneously keep the kids busy and wear them the hell out, promising a blissful three hour nap for everyone in the house. No, there are just two kids, every morning, staring at me like I am the Gatekeeper Of The Fun, asking "What now, Mama?". The newness of the Christmas toys has worn off a bit, so the eager willingness to sit for hours on end exploring their stacks of loot has given way to "I don't have ANYthing to play with! All of my stuff is BORING!". You would think that this would be an excellent time of year for getting new things posted to one's blog. You would be wrong. After thirteen straight hours of bickering and picky eaters and oh my GOD, if you scowl at me one more time I am going to smack your face, I am left at the end of each day not only exhausted, but somewhat incapable of even remembering my own name and age, let alone how to turn the computer on.

"I want YOUR SOUL. Also, play Thomas The Train with me again. NOW."

In the interest of having something on this blog that has been written in the last two weeks, I give you a list (coughcough *cop out* cough). Lazy blogging for the win! Five things that have made me happy in the new year. Go.

1. Warm January Days: Say Whhaaat?

Yes, in the south we have the odd warm-ish day here and there. While still chilly, it is not face-numbingly cold enough that my girl and I cannot go outside for an hour and blow bubbles.




2. The Best Christmas Gift EVER.

My mom got me this for Christmas. I am in love with it, and plan to cover my entire side of the bathroom in this woman's art. to get your own smart-ass wall art of awesomeness.


3. New songs on my running playlist.


This one? Is basically trying to shine a happy, smiley light on a shitty thing: I have to run on the treadmill. The days are just too short to fit in an outside run during daylight hours, and so I trek to the gym five days a week to run like a hamster on its wheel. But! This is made slightly more bearable by having spruced up my running playlist on my ipod. Nothing like hearing new songs to get you through a crappy run on a crappy treadmill next to a stupid woman doing arm yoga while powerwalking and a guy who apparently thinks the recommended application method for his can of Axe body spray is "Spray whole can all over self. Repeat with second can if needed. Maybe also a third." Also too? Keeps me distracted from the New Year's Resolutioners who can't even figure out how to turn the treadmill ON.

4. Best friends.


These two really do love each other, and seeing this huuuuge dog snuggling a tiny, wee little pup makes me giggle.

5. Dysfunctional Family Dynamics.


I am far enough removed from almost 99% of my family's drama to make the holidays highly, stupendously enjoyable and entertaining for me. Who is going to get mad at who for maybe suggesting that someone's hair needs a style change? Who will be just drunk enough that they will say something inappropriate and/or something that was meant to be kept a secret? (Answer: EVERYONE.) While I still hate living here, there is something nice about visiting my family, catching up with everyone, and offering a friendly, "See y'all later!" and hightailing it back home.

So, Happy 2011! Here's to not losing your everloving mind before spring decides to show up.


Tori said...

Love your smart-ass wall art! I put mine in our entryway so all the Jehova's Witnesses see it when I first answer the door! Also, tell Ella to stop growing before I have a chance to visit again. Her legs are 8 miles long, and she better not have boobies next time I come around!

vicki said...

Hahaa! I'm glad you both like the wall art. I HAD to get them for you when I saw them!