Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ella-isms, v2.0

Ella is just full of it. Literally. She is either going to be something brilliant like a rocket scientist, artist, or doctor....or she will be something scary with a side of sociopath-ness. Because she is a world-class pro at spewing crap whenever she thinks it will get her something she wants. But she sure is cute while she's doing it.

* "Mom, you look like a marvelous lady today. I like it when you take a shower."

* "Nothing is fair. I know you have candy that you aren't giving to me."

* "In fact, I CAN have a cookie for dinner. I don't really want spaghetti. Mimi told me I could have a cookie instead." -said when she hadn't seen Mimi in, oh, three or four days.

* "Charlie can be Mr. Penis." -said in Target, in a crowded aisle.

* To a lady in Walmart: "Hi, my name is Ella, it starts with an E-L-L-A, what's your name? Do you like dogs? We have a dog named Stu. I see some ice cream in your cart, mom can we buy some ice cream the vanilla kind do we have sprinkles at home to put on it and can I have it in my Horton bowl SPLAT". That last sound was my head exploding right in the middle of Walmart.

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