Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey! Guess What?

I apparently have more than 2 people who read my blog. Exciting, no? This fact was recently brought to my attention when someone informed me that a certain someone that reads my trivial little daily rants and posts thinks that I am in dire need of "help". I think they said "anger management", to be more specific. Why, you ask? Because I don't care much for Mr. Obama and said as much in a post back in November. Now I don't think my post was particularly harsh, and I certainly didn't use any foul language in describing my feelings towards our President, but this someone just can't comprehend WHY I might not see why his being elected is not the best thing for our country. And here's what I have to say to that person: DON'T. READ. MY. BLOG. It's that simple. I know that back in 1925 when you were born, women didn't much speak their mind about things like politics, but they do now, so get over it. If I were you, I would maybe even be proud that my younger relatives were informed and passionate enough to have a strong opinion on world issues, unlike many of the morons of my generation who simply don't care or are too stupid to care. I just fail to see how it is any of your business whom I choose to support in an election, or why it even matters to you. If I want to dress my entire family in black and dance around a pentagram while chanting praises to Satan, it has little to no effect on you. Also? Before your visit last year? I think it had been, oh, ten years or more since I had seen you. So on top of offering up completely unsolicited advice, you don't even know me! At all! If someone said your name it would take me a few minutes to realize hey! I have a relative by that name! THAT is how minute your role in my (and my siblings') life has been. While we're on the subject of unsolicited advice, though: Your thousands of pictures of your garden are boring. And stupid. Because they're flowers and shrubs, and no one needs to see 37 pictures of the same rosebud from different angles.


The Utley Crew said...

Okay, NOW...I am peeing in my pants! Isn't interesting to hear about who reads your blog? My mother-in-law went into the cafeteria one day (she's a teacher), and there was a group of teachers sitting there and she heard, 'no, I think the girls looks more like his wife'...'no, I think they look like him!' Yeah, they were talking about our blog! hahaha! Who knew!? However, I don't mind, because they haven't mentioned that I need anger management...yet! haha!

The Remers Family said...

you are so funnY!