Sunday, February 22, 2009

Self Esteem: Check.

I was putting on makeup (!!!) last night since Mikan and I had our big night out, and Ella wanted to help. By "help", I mean she wanted to rifle through my makeup bag and try to sneak all of the things I do not let her use: eyeliner, mascara, bright red lipstick. Why she even tries this when I am standing less than two feet away from her I will never understand, but whatever. I took all of the stuff away from her and handed her the one thing in my bag she can have...pale pink lipstick. I turned back to my mirror and finished putting on my own makeup while she was sitting on her little step-stool putting on her "lips". As soon as I was finished I turned to her, and what I saw was Bozo The Clown's cousin, sitting right in my bathroom. She actually looked a little bit frightening, kind of like The Joker, with lipstick from cheek to cheek, all crooked and creepy looking. And even though the lipstick I allowed her to have was pale as could be, she somehow managed to apply it with enough force and in many many layers that it looked like a deep purple color. Yikes. I asked her if she was finished with her makeup, and she sighed and said, "Yes, mom. Now please hand me that mirror so I can look and see how cute I am."

I wish I felt like that all the ding dang time.

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