Monday, February 9, 2009

Holding Steady.

Life seems to have gotten into a (more) manageable pattern here in the last couple of weeks. And by pattern I mean that there is absolutely no schedule or time to get anything done in one day. I am accepting that for the foreseeable future my life will have absolutely no pattern to it except for the running theme of Mundane Chaos, which is actually not as bad as it may sound. Sure, I am constantly running from one kid to the other, trying to get everyone's needs met as fast as I humanly can, and in this shuffle I seem to get lost, only getting two showers a week on average and perpetually being covered in peanut butter, spit-up, poop, or all of the above. But glory hallelujah, Charlie is SLEEPING at night! Since we have all recovered from the nasty cold last week, he has been giving me a solid 6 hour slumber for the first part of the night, and it is heavenly. He still holds firm on the whole Nap Strike 2009, but at least I can look forward to getting some rest at night now. We've not been doing much except for just making it through one day at a time without losing our sanity, and enjoying the lovely weather that has come our way for the last week or so. But, hey! We're making it. It's amazing how one's perspective can change when you get an extra 2 hours of sleep at night.

Enjoying the weather, because it's Nashville, and it could be snowing by Thursday.


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Travis and Amber said...

Praise the Lord that Charlie is sleeping longer at night!! I'm glad things are "settling" down somewhat. We're enjoying the weather too! It's so crazy!