Thursday, November 6, 2008


Every day that I am home with Ella is, ummm, interesting, but sometimes things come flying out of her mouth that make me cock my head to the side, look at her for about 30 seconds, and say "What planet are you from?". Some recent favorites.

* When asked who, exactly, told her that she could get all of the fingerpaints out and try to squirt them on the kitchen floor, she replied, "God." Duh, I should have known.

* She got into the habit of saying "Barack Obama is a mean guy", which I didn't think would fly in public, lest someone think I teach my kid to hate other people. So I tried to explain it in a way appropriate for a 3 year old that we don't hate Obama, yadda yadda yadda. At Walmart she walked right up to the (African American) cashier and said "Barack Obama is kind of a nice guy, but we don't want to be friends with him."

* At Walmart (again. I promise we do shop other places) there was a homeless man sitting out in front of the store in a hamper/box/something or other, and he was a tad frightening looking. Ella caught one glimpse of him and YELLED AS LOUDLY as she could, "OH NO! We need to watch out for THAT guy over there!". So in a nutshell, Walmart employees now think that I teach my kid to dislike Obama and the homeless. In Ella's defense, he WAS pretty scary looking. Not like a kindly older homeless guy who just wants you to go buy him a hamburger, this guy looked like the kind of guy who would jump out of his hamper at you with a knife while yelling about the Apocalypse and chickens invading the earth.

* To the Orkin guy at the front door: "You're hair looks REALLY funny today, guy." Nice.

A special kid...I gots one.



Travis and Amber said...

Abby you have me cracking up. She's cute. =)

Andrea said...

LOL, Abby! I cannot tell you how thankful I was that I lived in Korea during my first child's "embarrassing public comments" phase. I figured that most of the people she was talking about probably didn't speak English, so they had no idea what awful things she was saying. LOL! Although she did grope the English speaking woman who came to visit me from church. That one didn't even need language to convey the message. Ugh.