Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Charlie.

Oh, my Charlie.
Why do you believe
That seeing the sun rise
At 5:30 means it is
Time to wake up?
Go back to sleep,
And stay asleep until 7am
Before Mommy has to buy stock
In Folger's.
Or hang a big black blanket
Over your crib.


Jennifer W. said...

Do you have black out curtains? If not - buy them. Saved my life around 6/7 months of age.

The Harris Family said...

Unfortunately we've already tried that. I think now he is just in the habit of waking up at that time, since he used to get up to eat around 5-5:30. Yuck. He's not even hungry at 5:30, he won't usually eat until around 7.

Stephanie Nichols said...

Kailey wakes up at 5:30, thankfully she is 3 and I tell her to go back to bed. She does until her CD turns off.