Saturday, May 30, 2009

Halfway There.

Charlie is just three days shy of turning six months old. I can hardly believe it. I read back through the blog entries from his first few weeks of life, and then the ones from months two and three, and I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone by. I have conflicting feelings about this, as Charlie was maybe not the most easy-going baby on this planet for a couple of months there, but OH! he still had the sweet little baby sounds when he slept, and he still napped on my chest sometimes, and in between the psychosis-inducing screams he was still a sweet little newborn. But on the other hand, we are halfway to the land of milk and honey: One Year Old. I remember this clearly with Ella, except that I had no clue that One Year was when things started maybe letting up a little bit. One Year! Down to two naps a day! No longer having to map out my every minute according to an infant's eating/sleeping schedule! The baby can feed himself! Of course, I will also no longer have a baby, I will have a toddler, and the problems will still be there...just different. Tantrums! Molars coming in! An entire box of Cheerios dumped on the floor and crushed! The discovery of the word NO! So I am trying my best to enjoy each and every minute of this little guy's first year in this world, with the realization that he is our last baby, ever. We are done, this baby-making shop is closed for good. So the yummy baby toes and each new milestone are bittersweet: a first for Charlie, and so exciting to watch, but the last for me and the husband to experience. I am thankful each and every day for this boy and everything new he has taught me about being a mother, no matter how hard a lesson it has been to learn at times. Six months. I can't believe it.





Jennifer W. said...

I love this post. And can't wait to laugh about and then cry about the to-be-learned-imminently word 'no'. I want a 2nd but I am loving the one baby time I have with Avelyn. The sleep is too good :)

hadassahrose said...

Wow, your little boy is adorably beautiful! Enjoy every moment with him! :)

(found your blog through MckMama)