Saturday, August 15, 2009

And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Whew! What a month. Things around here have been cuh-razy, both in the "we have a million things to do today" sense and the "holy hell, life is kicking the crap out of me right now" sense. I had the best intentions of updating this blog about a hundred times in the last month or so, but then life always seemed to get in the way of my best laid plans. Things are beginning to calm down, though, so I'm baaack!

Updates. Ella is busy building block towers for her tiny little princess dolls, painting, playing dress up, learning to actually enjoy (!!!) playing with Charlie now that he can play and laugh at her and follow her around, and just generally being wonderful. We are preparing for her first day of school in a couple of weeks, and I have mixed emotions about this, to say the least. On one hand: Oh my word, I will have five hours a day, twice a week, without hearing "But WHY???" seventeen hundred times a day, and I may actually get to sit down and enjoy the silence when Charlie naps. On the other hand: Waaaaaahhh. I cannot believe that she is at this stage already...wasn't it just yesterday that she was saying her first word and stumbling around the house like a drunk midget (sorry, "little person") learning to walk? Now we are picking out lunchboxes and backpacks and she is so very excited to be a "big girl" now.

From this:


To this, in no time flat:



Charlie has really changed since the last time I updated this thing. Crawling! Teeth! Loud, nasty screams when he is mad at you for taking away that safety pin or that golf tee that he fished out of some corner of the house! Ahhh, how I had forgotten both the pros and cons of this age. He is WAY more fun now, what with the giggling and the army crawling around the house, but he has also realized "Mom? I do not much care for it when you tell me not to do something, and I am damn well gonna let you know about it. Maybe for an hour or so." But for the most part he is a joy ( and by "most part", I do NOT mean the part about the 5:30am wake-up calls I get every. single. morning.)


All in all, we are doing well, and now that things have turned around for the better and we are back to a somewhat normal state of being, I am looking forward to actually keeping this bloggy-blog updated more than once a month.

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Jennifer W. said...

They are so so sweet! I feel you on the busy front, overwhelmingly crazy around here these days.