Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Reason For All Of This.

Diapers, whining, bickering, time outs, spills to mop up, crayon on walls, more whining, stepping on blocks and Barbies, lots of laundry, and lots more whining. There are days that I think to myself, "You know how everyone says that this will go by so very quickly and that I will actually MISS it? Could someone call me right this minute and tell me that little story again?" And yet. There is this: Ella playing playdoh at the table, cutting out about twenty hearts in different colors. "Happy Heart Day, Mom!, she says. "What's Heart Day, Ella?, I ask. She gets up from the table, stands beside me, and cups her tiny hand over my ear. In a giggly whisper I hear, "It's Happy Heart Day today because my heart feels so happy when you're with me." And my heart breaks in a million little pieces in a good way, and I realize that I would change a thousand more diapers and scrub every wall in this house ten times a day to have the privilege of hearing her little voice tell me that.