Friday, December 12, 2008

Random, Sleep-Deprived Thoughts

* This has been said of sleep deprivation: "At the very least, sleep deprivation is cruel, inhumane and degrading. If used for prolonged periods of time it is torture." Babies are allowed to keep their mothers awake for days at a time, but when the same is done to detainees at Gitmo, it is called cruel and unusual punishment. Obama has promised to shut Gitmo down asap. I'm just saying. Maybe he wants to come and rock my screaming baby to sleep at 4am as well?

* Does turning on the same dvr'd episode of Super Why? for the 8th time so far today constitute "teaching" my three year old? I'm pretty sure that the show teaches letters and spelling.

* Whose idea was it to have a baby in the wintertime when we would be cooped up in the house for the next 3-4 months? Whoops.

* How is it that it takes seventeen times longer to get ready and out of the house with two kids, instead of just twice as long?

*Could someone come and clean my house? Or at the very least, come and vacuum up the layer of dog hair on the floors?

3am. Ready to party.



ChippsFamily said...

Babe I feel for you, as I was going through the exact same situation last year at this time! It will get better...(although it truly will forever be a different ballgame!!!)

The Utley Crew said...

Yeah, I remember everyone saying that going from one to 2, is much easier than none to one, well, IMO, that is a bunch of bullshit! hahaha! I think people just say that to trick the moms of one into having more and joining them in their never ending chaos and exhaustion!

Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain! And Yes, turning on Super Why does teach your daughter, and even if it doesn' is not going to scar her for life!! And it is so much harder going from 1 to 2 but you will eventually get in your groove and be A ok!