Monday, December 15, 2008

Stuck Inside Much?

Apart from the fact that I am super tired and can barely muster the energy to push the 'start' button on Mr. Coffee, so never mind showering, blow drying, makeup-ing, wearing actual clothes that aren't sweatpants, etc....we are doing great! Although, I would DEFINITELY advise against having a baby in the winter when you already have a toddler or preschooler who was used to getting out of the house every day before said baby arrived. Oh, the lengths I've gone to to entertain Ella in the last week. "Here, honey, it's a NEW GAME!!!!! It's called sort through this mountain of laundry for your own damn self and find your matching sock!!! SO FUN!!!" And many variations on that right there. Ella is a trooper, though, and is really putting up with me having less time and zero energy quite well, as opposed to the first few days we were at home alone. So what if the most fun activity we have time for is me helping her write the alphabet on her Magnadoodle while I hold Charlie in the other arm and prop his bottle up with my chin? Soon enough it will be Spring and we can get out of this stinking house for more than five minutes. Until then, my ipod is getting lots and lots and lots of use:


Travis and Amber said...

I can't look at your video because it is private. =)

The Harris Family said...

Whoops, sorry! Hopefully that fixed it.