Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mom Friends...

...Are invaluable when you are a stay at home mom. There is NO WAY that I would have made it through the last three years of being a parent if it weren't for my "mom friends". There is nothing better than getting out of the house when you're having a crappy day and meeting your friends and their kids at the park, sharing coffee, conversation, and commiserating about the hardships and joys of parenting. Not only does Ella have some great friends because of the friends I have met, but I have multiple shoulders to cry on when things get tough, and good friends to laugh with when things are going well. Potty training tips, deep discussions on sleeping habits and how we can fix them, recommendations for preschools and pediatricians, complaining about how our husbands are essentially an extra kid for us to pick up after (ha!)...we've shared it all. So, to my friends, thank you. For being there to tell me that things would get better, or to push Ella on the swings when I am busy with Charlie, or just to sit in tired silence while we all chug coffee and the kids run around like maniacs.

Side note: Isn't this possibly the cutest thing you've ever seen, ever, in your whole life?!?! Taken at playgroup today while all of the 3 year olds ran around the house in circles.


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