Thursday, March 5, 2009

That Nagging Feeling Of Dread.

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when something just isn't going right with one of your kids? I remember having that feeling to some degree when Ella was STILL not crawling when she was 7 or 8 months old, and almost everyone else's babies were pulling up on the furniture by 8 months and about to take off, toddling and falling all over the house. But I hushed my inner worrier and let her do things in her own time. And she crawled when she was 9 months old, and walked when she was 11 months old. She just needed to do things on her own schedule. But Charlie is having an issue that I cannot ignore and hope that it gets better on its own. He seems to only want to look to his right side (take a look at EVERY single picture of him on this blog, and you will see what I mean), and will definitely only sleep with his head turned that way, which is resulting in a flat spot on the back side of his head. Is this problem VERY serious and life threatening? Nope. But still. It isn't "normal", and that voice inside me that likes to worry and fret about every little thing is acting up again, saying, "OMG OMG OMG, EMERGENCY! Horribly disfiguring neck issue that, if not resolved NOW, will lead to Charlie looking like Sloth from the Goonies." Overreacting: I have it down to a science. But I also refuse to be one of those moms who ignores an issue with their child in hopes that it will fix itself, and then wonders why a year later the problem is SO much worse and didn't get better. Sure, it's easier to think that my child is perfect in every single way and would never have any kind of issue like this, but throwing denial and hope at the problem won't make it go away. So we're off to the chiropractor this morning after Charlie wakes up from his nap. I know that in 99% of babies with this issue, the solution is a simple routine of stretches and neck exercises, but that knowing that doesn't stop The Voice from saying horrible things that I know in my logical brain aren't true. So yeah. This should be interesting. Mikan is leery of chiropractors (okay, that's putting it nicely. He thinks they're total quacks.), and I damn near owe my life to my chiropractor for saving my back 2 years ago when it went completely ALL THE WAY out, so I'm all for going in and letting some guy crack my back until it's all better. But he's agreed to give it a shot and let the quack take a look at his son's neck and try to fix it.

Oh, and also? I am completely convinced that you could Google "hangnail" and there would be horrifying stories of lots of people who DIED from a hangnail. So good God you can imagine what popped up when I consulted Dr. Google about "infant who cannot turn his neck both ways". From the results that I was given, you would think I typed in "Bubonic Plague" or "Ways to make a mother completely and unreasonably hysterical."


Travis and Amber said...

I'm so glad to hear Charlie's colic is resolvin! What an answer to prayer! I know what you mean when you freak out about something with your kid. I mean we thought Jacks might have eye cancer, and he just has really bad vision on that eye. I'm sure it's just the tight neck muscle, I've had friends who's baby had the same thing, nonetheless, I would worry too! =)

ChippsFamily said...

Ahh Dr. Google! Love playing that game. Good for you for not ignoring your urge, you guys will get him all flexible in no time!

Jennifer W. said...

Ha ha ha. I just found your blog and I love this post. I had this same freak out last year with my first. Although to be fair, my husband took care of her in the beginning while I was finishing school and she slept all day next to his right leg on the couch, which resulted in SEVERE "flat headedness" by 8 wks old. I freaked out. Doc said the same things, change her on the opposite side of the changing pad, stretch her neck, hold her in opposite arm.... it got better but she does still have a flat spot. I hate it but oh well, she's still very clearly a baby genius. :) Love Thursday's post too. I might have to link it.