Sunday, April 5, 2009


First of all, you would have to know that Ella has a quirky little language thing that goes like this: If you are cooking something in the kitchen, you are a cooker. If you are drawing a picture, you are a drawer. And so on and so forth. I was sewing a birthday gift for our niece yesterday, and was using a small u-shaped tool to get some stuck thread out of the bobbin thingamajiggy. Ella wandered over. An excerpt from the conversation.

E: "Mom, what are you doing?"

Me: "Well, I'm using this small hook to get this thread un-stuck so I can finish sewing."

Pause. She watches me for a few minutes.

E: "Mom? You are a really good hooker."

Why, thank you, my dear. I can definitely file this under "Things I Never In A Million Years Imagined My Kid Would Say To Me, Ever."


Sarah said...

HAHA!!! Macey has the same language...I've never hooked anything though, so hopefully I can stay away from THAT profession!!! ;)

Functionally ReTodded said...

awesome! you can't beat that honesty. Two of my favorites are when lauren told molly she wanted long boobies like mommy's. (I think/hope she meant big). And molly's sister's story. Her husband was in the shower and their 3 yo daughter was in there talking to him, and came running out to the kitchen screaming "MOMMY!! SOMETHING FELL OUT OF DADDY'S VAGINA!!"

And by the way, I like your blog. I added it to my must read list.

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