Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy, Busy Me.

We have been busy. Very busy. There have been playdates to attend, bathrooms to scrub, house guests to welcome, grocery shopping, and poop. Lots of poop. It doesn't actually sound like I've been all that busy when I type it all out, but I have been. I'm still trying to figure out how, when you have ONE extra kid, the number of hours in the day drops to somewhere around, oh, ten. I never have enough time to get everything done that needs to be done, it seems. Nevertheless, I am making time for the three people who read this blog to post a couple of updates about the family and our daily goings-on.

* Charlie. Is wonderful. Could he maybe stand to sleep a little later in the morning? Yes. Could he possibly be any cuter and could I be more in love with him? Nope. He is such a joy these days and he makes my day all that much brighter with him in it. He is starting Teething Fest 2009, I think, because he will damn near gnaw your finger (or nose, chin, ear, etc.) off if it gets within two centimeters of his mouth. And, oh, the drool. It hasn't seemed to affect his sleeping, though, so I'm not complaining. He finally realized that HEY! I have FEET! And they taste spectacular. Which is not a great combination if you think about it: Sock lint in the mouth and gallons of drool. As I type this he is up in his room babbling to the wall, and I can just see him opening and closing his tiny hand in front of his face, talking to it as if it the most amazing thing he's ever seen. I wish I was so easily entertained. All in all, we're just glad that he is finally a content baby and that the Colic passed without anyone attempting suicide.

* Ella. Is a handful. Always singing, talking, asking WHY?!?!, pretending, telling stories, dancing, yelling, smiling, and telling me "That's not faaaaiiiirrrrr." That there is her new favorite phrase, and it's getting old fast. But she keeps us entertained and laughing hysterically at all of her shenanigans, and is growing up way too darn fast for my liking.

* Mikan. Hates his job. But what else is new? He is overjoyed at the arrival of Golf Season and is trying not to throw a computer monitor at his bosses.

* Me. Busy, happy, frazzled almost constantly, loving Spring, laundry, poop, wiping noses, laundry, singing to songs on my ipod with the kids, trying to figure out how to make it to bed earlier and earlier each night, dishes, laundry, love. And laundry. And after proofreading this post, saying the word "and" far, far too much.

**Camera crapped out on us last weekend, so no new pictures to share right now. Working on rectifying this situation.

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