Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hotter Than A....Well, I Don't Know What. But It's Hot.

It's June. And it's already 93 or 94 degrees here. Factor in the heat index (today's was 102), and the humidity, my GOD, the humidity, and you've got one miserable mommy. I don't think it would be so bad if Charlie were a bit older, but I am hesitant to keep him out in the sun for very long in this horrid heat. So, we've been hanging out at home, and playgroups, and the park for a few minutes here and there. And? It's really sad, but the reason I haven't posted a blog entry since Wednesday is because the laptop makes my legs hot when I use it, and my legs are already hot because it is NINETY FOUR FLIPPING DEGREES here in June.

Pictures! YAY!

We've been at birthday parties...


And at home making fish faces while we watch Nemo...


And watching Charlie be stinkin' cute.




erin said...

Yes! It's hot!!and I work outside! Yuck! Can your kids get any cuter?!!

em said...