Friday, June 5, 2009

Who's A Cute Little Streetwalker?

Evidently it only takes about two minutes for a three year old to figure out how to break into Mom's makeup bag, find the most hideous shade of eyeshadow (that I never use, thankyouverymuch), and smear it all over her eyes. Bless her heart, she thought she looked so fancy. I didn't have the heart to tell her it looked more like she had pink eye than she did a fancy lady.

Apparently when I say "Make a fancy lady face", that translates to "Close your eyes halfway and purse your lips so you look like you've just drunk a fifth of vodka".



Jennifer W. said...

I think I love everything about this picture. The tshirt, the pink kitchen set in the back and especially the hot pink lazy eyes of a three year old. Ah, future you look gahhhhhgeous.

Me and My Boys said...

Hi Abby, I found you by way of Jennifer's blog. I was totally laughing at your comment on her recent post about out husbands being at a MENSA convention since my husband IS in Mensa! Ha! just thought I would say hi. :)