Saturday, October 18, 2008

Countdown To Charlie

It hit me this morning while I was in the shower that tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant. I could conceivably have a baby in about 5 weeks, if I go early. And 5 weeks is not a whole lot unlike a month. A MONTH! I'm alternating between "Get this $@*% baby out of me, he feels like he already weighs 11 pounds" and "Please stay in there until your due date, little person, because we have a lot left to do before you get here."

The mess and chaos in this room makes my eye twitch every time I walk past it.


In addition to the crib (hey, at least THAT'S already set up), you'll also see a few laundry baskets filled with clothes, clothes scattered all over the floor, a baby bathtub sitting in the recliner (because we all know that is where it goes), a big pile of fabric that will hopefully become a nice crib skit before he arrives, and yes, a big box of Christmas decorations and ornaments in the bottom right corner of that picture. If nothing else, Charlie's room will be a winter wonderland, complete with red glitter snowflakes and white Christmas lights.

He's coming soon, let's just hope he doesn't come home to this:


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