Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween At The Nursing Home

More. Halloween. Stuff. The good news is that we're almost done! It's not that I hate Halloween, it is just a LOT of work being very pregnant, toting around the large bag I already carry, plus camera, costume, and bucket-o-candy. But Ella loooooves it so much, and she finally caught on to the whole "trick or treat" thing today. Last week at the group party, she got 3 pieces of candy in her bucket and then stopped to sit down and eat it. Today she had an epiphany: Hey, if I KEEP ON holding this bucket out in front of me, people will fill it all the way up with candy.

Guess what most of the moms did to keep the kids as quiet as possible? Stick a lollipop in their mouths and no whining can come out.


Ella loved this lady, who is 103 years old. Ella was giving her a hug, but I think that the lady thought she was going to pick Ella up.


I've relegated myself to the fact that I will have that one kid in the yearbook who does the weird, showing-all-their-teeth, half smile whenever posed in front of a camera. ALL of my posed pictures of Ella look like this one for, like, the last 2 months.


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