Monday, January 12, 2009

Truly Blessed.

My phone rang on Friday, and I couldn't get up to answer it right that moment. But when I looked at the missed call list, it had been my friend Molly who had called. I called her right back, and what I got was shocking: someone on the other end of the line telling me that she was coming to our house for two nights to help out. This in and of itself isn't all that remarkable, we've had friends and family help out here and there along the way since Charlie's arrival and subsequent Nightmare Colic Sessions. But, Molly lives five hours away, near Atlanta. AND she has three young kids of her own (6, 3, and 18 months). AND she has a full-time job that she does from home, in addition to all of the "mom jobs" like cleaning, cooking, and general kid-wrangling. So to say that her plate is full is the understatement of the year. Yet here was my friend, listening to me cry, telling me that everything was going to be fine, she would be here shortly. And so she drove five hours to come and sleep on our pull-out-sofa bed thing, and hold Charlie for us so that we could do things like shower, nap, and spend time with Ella alone. As amazing as she is to do this for us, she went WAY above and beyond what she should have been willing to do (and her husband, Todd, for staying home with the kiddos all weekend and giving up his wife to us). On Saturday afternoon, I woke up from a glorious 3 hour nap (!!!) to find Molly in my laundry room folding clothes. And then I noticed, hey, the floors look...different. She had mopped all of my floors. And then I noticed, hey, something smells good in here. And I looked on the stove and she had dinner cooking. The laundry room cabinets were organized. The laundry got put away in its respective rooms. An actual home cooked meal, and someone handing a serving to me saying, "Go sit down and eat, I'll go get the baby". I spent most of the weekend holding back tears, amazed that I have such an incredible friend who so selflessly did for us what no one has managed to do yet: Hold my hand, look at ME, and ask "what do YOU need?". Her oldest was colicky, so she also brought a huge array of tips and tricks that had worked for her 6 years ago. I am still in awe at how amazing she is to give up an entire weekend to do things like sort my dirty laundry and scrub my floors and cook us dinner. I am not one to ask for help, but having Molly here made me really realize how much I needed a little bit of a break. I don't know what I've done to deserve such a great friend, but I sure am glad to count her as one of mine.

So, to Molly, if you read this: I love you, and I am so truly blessed to have you as a friend. If you ever need anything, I will be there in a heartbeat for you.


The Utley Crew said...

Yes, Molly is AMAZING and we are all blessed to call her a friend. I am so glad she was able to come and give you a MUCH needed break!!

The Remers Family said...

what a true friend molly is!!! i'm so glad she was able to come and help you! :)